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Pregnancy and Baby

Trying For A Baby

Trying For A Baby - Reflexology

Reflexology is positive and helpful for men as well as women whilst trying
to conceive.  Reflexology can help by:- 

  • Promoting deep mental and physical relaxation
  • Reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • Helping the body to work at its optimum level

Reflexology will give you the opportunity to take time out for yourself and an opportunity to be listened to and supported emotionally.

Reflexology and IVF / Fertility Treatment

Reflexology can help reduce the stress and anxiety which occurs in the build up to and during IVF/fertility treatment. Reflexology will help calm and relax the body mentally and physically which in turn will help optimise the chances of IVF/fertility treatment being effective.  Having someone neutral ie not your partner, family or friends, to talk to whilst you you are going through this process can be very beneficial.  I have worked with many clients during my reflexology career and have a good understanding about what they are going through, enabling me  to support clients with empathy and practical advice.


Pregnancy - Reflexology

Reflexology is extremely popular throughout pregnancy as it may be beneficial both to the pregnant woman and her baby. Reflexology may help the client achieve a deep state of relaxation, which in turn brings about a feeling of well-being and vitality. A woman who feels relaxed, happy & positive during pregnancy is more likely to cope during labour and the actual birth.

Recommended reading - Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha (Thorsons)

Reflexology Can Help With Common Pregnancy Related Conditions

Regular reflexology during pregnancy may help support women through the physical, emotional and hormonal changes of pregnancy and childbirth. I have experience of working with women at all stages of their pregnancy.  Many women experience nausea, tiredness, anxiety, breathlessness and more during pregnancy. If you have any specific concerns or queries, please get in touch.


After Birth

After Birth - Reflexology

Coping with a new born baby isn’t always as easy as we expect and it can be an emotionally and physically draining time for parents; reflexology can help during this period.  Taking time out for a treatment will be very therapeutic, as will feeling calmer and more relaxed post treatment. Babies are very welcome at the clinic I work in.  We are very hands on!


I run one to one sessions for parents who are interested in learning simple reflexology techniques which can help babies and toddlers stay healthy and happy. Techniques can be learnt which may help with teething, sleeping, constipation and more.

Recommended reading - Gentle First Year by Dr Gowri Motha (Thorsons)